Who, what, when, and why?

spine-sml-2016-10-11-21-17-21Recently I rediscovered the log book of a relative from the time he was a midshipman on the HMS Newfoundland as a member of the RNZN during WWII. He kept it during the last year of the war, from September 1944 until September 1945, when aged 19-20. I have never read it all the way through; it has been kept for many years in a box with other momentoes.

I didn’t know this man and know little about his life – with preparing these extracts I may come to know a little more. I am not a naval historian, although I am an historian of a different kind, and I intend to present material interesting for all.

The S519 was the Journal for the use of Junior Officers Afloat. From inside the front cover: “The objects of keeping the Journal are to train Midshipmen in a) the power of observation. b) the power of expression. c) the habit of orderliness.” The supervisor and the Captain were to inspect the entries from time to time and the log was marked as part of the examination for the rank of Lieutenant. For other rules see About

For information about the HMS Newfoundland please visit the Wikipedia page and HMS Newfoundland Association


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