September 30 (Sat) 1944, Greenock, Scotland [Part 1]

front-sml-2016-10-11-21-15-56Joined ship at James Watt Dock, Greenock [Scotland, west of Glasgow], on Tuesday 26th Sept, from leave after Minesweeping Course (10 day at HMS “Lochinvar”, Granton [north Edinburgh]).

The weather was usual for Scotland in autumn, & showed no signs of improving. Ship has been refitting for 5 months after 8 months refit Boston, Mass, USA following being torpedoed in the Med in 1943 [23 July, by Italian submarine Aschianghi].

Still a bit of a shambles & looks as if it will be here for a month or two yet. Will look fine when cleared up though. Modified ‘Figi’ class – 9 six-inch, 8 four-inch and pom-poms, bofors, etc and 6 21″ torpedo tubes.

Gunroom is quite reasonable but chest flat and slinging billets are definitely not. However, ship is a little disorganised at present, & things will probably improve in time. Bathroom is great improvement on that in [HMS]”Jamaica“. Will be better when we get more cupboards & mirrors. It’s supposed to be just a matter of time!

Tuesday afternoon we got acquainted with some of the ship and our slinging billets, and generally sorted things out.

Complement is about 800 (including the the best part of a hundred Radar ratings) and about 60 officers. 1 extra paymaster Sub in Gunroom & 15 “snotties”[Midshipmen] including a paymaster to come.

Wednesday forenoon, the “Snotties’ Nurse”, Lt Commander (N) Clutterbuck gave a short talk & latter introduced us to the Captain.[RW Ravenhill, CBE,DSC,RN]

In the afternoon, “Schoolie”, Instructor Lt Hall, carried on with nav. revision.

NZ mail certainly has been piling up here. It’ll take a while to write all the replies.


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