September 30 (Sat) 1944, Greenock, Scotland [Part 2]

Thursday was a “make or mend”. Had a look around ashore. Greenock [Scotland, west of Glasgow] is a bigger place than I had thought, but I do not fancy it much. Seems to have been blighted somewhat some time ago.

Bill Williams & Helot Mace from [HMS] “Jamaica” turned up unexpectedly for the evening. Have been to Scapa since saw them last. They were very interested in the alterations that have been made aboard here. [HMS] “Implacable” & [HMS] “Formidable” are out in the stream.

Our action stations & divisions were promulgated. Goodness knows what I’m supposed to do in “B” turret but I guess I’ll find out.

On watch Friday morning. Ship shifted birth to alongside SS “Clan Chisholm” [replacement steamship built 1944] underneath 150 ton crane, for purpose of installing DCT [Director Control Tower]. Slowly the bits are being assembled. Someday this ship will be all here, & maybe we’ll leave this place. Lt Com. Mulhallen gave an interesting lecture on the internal organisation of the ship. Supervised taking aboard dental stores.

Today forenoon 44″S/L [searchlight] was removed per dockyard crane [diagram attached] from position on 4″ gun deck between the two forward twin 4″ gun mountings.


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