October 2 (Mon) 1944, Greenock, Scotland

Shifted berth from beside “Clan Chisholme” before lunch. Drizzling with rain & generally uncomfortable. Tugs arrived late, having been taking “Empire Cheer” out of dock. SS “Empire Cheer” (about 10,000 tons) was brought in yesterday during Divisions. During the night welders were working on the derricks.

Midshipmen were stationed on the forecastle and quarterdeck to watch proceedings. Wire & manila hawsers [ed:any heavy wire or line for towing or mooring] from the forecastle to the dock were let go & hauled on board, leaving only a spring [ed:mooring line that leads forward (or aft) at an angle from ship] to the “Clan Chisholm”. The tug arrived a few mins after 1100 & a tow was passed. When the after tow had been secured to another tug, the springs got slipped & the tugs got busy. At our intended position there was some slight disorganisation regarding catamarans but all was under control before the tugs were dismissed. Springs & breasts [ed: mooring line that leads from ship at right angles] were passed ashore. There was some slight trouble with a hawser eye on the forecastle, which held up everything for some minutes, but eventually all was secured.


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