October 5 (Thurs) 1944, Greenock, Scotland

HMS Newfoundland crest
Mr Davies presenting caribou to Captain Ravenhill (right). (image copyr. IWM A25892)

Mr Davies, Trade Commissioner for Newfoundland in Great Britain, arrived on board in the forenoon. At 1400 the crew mustered on the Quarterdeck by Divisions, & Mr Davies presented the ship, on behalf of the people of Newfoundland, with a silver model of a Caribou, an animal native to that colony and incorporated in the ship’s crest. There was a certain difference of opinion on how to pronounce the name Newfoundland, but no doubt the popular version will continue to be used.

Captain Ravenhill (centre) leading the ship’s company in three cheers for the Trade Commissioner and the people of Newfoundland. Midshipman WJD is in centre foreground, to the right of covered block, 2nd row, blond. Greenock docks in background. (image copr. IWM (A25893))






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