October 19 (Thurs) 1944, Greenock, Scotland [Part 1]

oct-14-1944-21-36-18-smlFor the last 4 days, Midshipmen have been attending a Radar course at Sherbrooke House, Glasgow [Ed: also now known as Sherbrooke Castle]. We had to travel in to Glasgow every day by train & get a tram from Central Station to Sherbrooke House. A no 8 tram to Mosspark stopped right outside the station & also outside the depot.

Lectures began at 0930 and continued until 1600 with a break of an hour and a half for dinner. This meal was obtained on the premises at cost of 1/9. It was considered not as well cooked as meals on board ship.

One of the “old houses”- Sherbrooke House/Castle

The depot consists of couple of old houses plus a number of large & small nissen huts, the houses being used as offices, class-rooms etc. and huts also as machine shops & work-rooms for the mechanics. Apart from the short “general” courses run for officers of the Allied Navies and Merchant Navies, Radar operators are also trained there.

Our course was to last three days and was mostly lectures on the elementary principles of Radar in general for a start. Later lectures dealt with the various sets in use, that have been used, and that will be used, in the British Navy. Unfortunately, probably owing to the shortness of the course, we heard very little of US and enemy radar. However, there was enough of our own to keep us pretty busy. The curious numbering of our sets causes a certain amount of confusion, but as lecture followed lecture, we began to understand the whys and wherefores of the various aerials and the sets they belonged to. The uses and capabilities of some of the later sets make me personally wonder where Radar will get to in a few years time. Instructional films & strips were shown, sets were shown in operation, & generally the instructors made the course as interesting as possible. Unfortunately we were not allowed to take notes owing to the secrecy of some of the equipment.


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