October 19 (Thurs) 1944, Greenock, Scotland [Part 2]

The course was extended an extra day and we were shown something of the operator’s job on a Plan Position Indicator (PPI). Switching the set on & off proved to be an extremely complicated business – or looked it, anyway. The instructor was jumping around & throwing himself all over the room, pushing switches up & down, turning knobs and generally doing something to everything in sight that could be moved. It seems unnecessary to have so many controls & it should be possible to work the whole box of tricks from a switch boards with a dozen knobs.

The course was instructive and valuable, although too short to enable us to learn very much of the mechanics of Radar sets.

This afternoon a trial rugger [rugby] match was held for the purpose of picking a team for the match next Saturday against Greenock Wanderers. 4 members of the Gunroom will probably be chosen.

Further details of the Firefighting course to be held at Rosyth next week have been promulgated. The junior midshipmen will be going in two batches.


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