October 25 (Weds) 1944, Greenock, Scotland

 A rating using knapsack [foam] tank equipment for dealing with oil fires at the Naval Fire Fighting School, Devonport, Devon. Image copr. IWM (A 20558) Source: http://www.iwm.org.uk/collections/item/object/205186810
The next day, a dozen officers and ratings continued with a further 2 days advanced course. This included a film on “The Chemistry of Fire” and lectures & demonstrations of foam producing units. The afternoon concluded with a full dress trial. Half a dozen would be firefighters dressed up in oilskins and sea boots and attacked an oil fire with foam unit. This proved effective & the amount of foam produced astonished everybody.

“Salnus ANS” self-contained breathing apparatus, possibly that referred to in text. Image copr. IWM (A 20559) Source: http://www.iwm.org.uk/collection/item/object/205153009

On Wednesday, the Salvo Breathing Apparatus was dealt with. As a final performance, all those on the course donned the gear and wandered thru smoke-filled rooms, up & down ladders, turning wheels, and generally getting the feel of it. The “victims” were sent thru in pairs with full instructions on what to do if the other chap “passed out”. Expert assistants were standing by outside, prepared for any emergency. However all passed thru safely.

HMS Liverpool in No. 9 dry dock, before going out to the refitting basin. Rosyth Dockyard, 6 May 1944. Copr. IWM (A 23369) Source: http://www.iwm.org.uk/collection/item/object/201155468

“Emerald” & “Enterprise” have been lying in the stream. “Frobisher” is in the Basin, as are “Liverpool” & “Diadem”. “Rodney” was in dock when we arrived but has since come out into the basin.

This morning Walkley, Snowden, Knocker, Nethersole, & Creighton, arrived to commence a 3 day F/F [fire fighting] course. They were slightly late as had to spend the night in Edinburgh. Some good news brought was that long weekend leave was being granted to all midshipmen.

Excell & I returned to Greenock and the ship via Glasgow.


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