November 7 (Tues) 1944, Helensburgh, Scotland

HMS Premier moored at Greenock. Image copr. IWM (A22526) source:

Last night the gale increased and a general signal was sent to stop all boat running. Unfortunately before this was received by the OOW [Officer of the Watch], the 2nd Motor Boat was sent away to Greenock. The sea was rough and seemed to be increasing so the Midshipman in charge decided to seek shelter at the boom of escort carrier [HMS]”Premier”. As the boat was secured a blizzard struck the ship so it was decided that it would be unsafe to continue with the trip or even return to the ship that night. During the hours of darkness, a watch was kept on the boat by the midshipmen & crew. The Officer of the Watch of the “Premier” arranged for a signal to be sent, via shore, to the ship, while the midshipmen were alloted bunks & the crew of the motor boat were billeted up forward.

There was a lull in the storm about 0100 Tuesday, when opportunity was taken to secure the boat with additional lines, and another about 0630. With the dawn, the sea became rough again but at 0800 was suitable for running the boat so the Commander of the “Premier” was thanked and the boat returned to the ship.

The officers of the “Premier” were very helpful and there is no doubt that the midshipmen of the motor boat took the safest course in securing to the “Premier” and remaining there till morning.


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