November 10 (Fri) 1944, Helensburgh, Scotland

Two Midshipmen fixing a ship’s position by sextant observation, April 1940. Image copr. IWM (A48).

During the week, midshipmen have practiced “shooting the sun” and lectures have been given by the Gunnery, Torpedo, & FDO [Flight Deck Officer] officers and the Paymaster Commander, or rather Commander(s).

It is anticipated that the ship will be leaving dock for the stream next Monday, & after ammunitioning for a couple of days, will proceed to Glasgow for a Tilt Test.

This afternoon most of the Gunroom participated in a run round Helensburgh & surrounding hills. 3 of the hounds missed the boat back but owing to the foresight of one of their number who took some money with him, they did not fare as badly as they might have.

“Queen Mary” and HMS “Mauritius” are amongst ships lying in the stream off Greenock.

SS Queen Mary on war service, September 1944, Greenock. 84,000 ton Cunard liner in pale paint took wounded US troops back to USA. Image copr. IWM (A25909) source



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