November 14 (Tues) 1944, Greenock, Scotland

nov-14-1944-6-inch-mark-23Ammunitioning commenced this morning. Lighters [flat-bottomed barge] were disposed as follows:

Cordite – Port forecastle

Shells – Starboard forecastle

Oer & Pom Pom – Port Midships

4″ fixed – Starboard Midships

Cordite & Shell – Port Quarterdeck

Cordite for “A” & “B” turrets was hoisted by lighter’s derrick and initially all struck down into “B” Turret. 6″ Shell [see sketch] was hoisted in by ship’s derrick & struck into “A” turret, H.E. first being fused at position just aft of the breakwater.

“4” fixed” was hoisted in by lighter’s derrick on to boat deck & struck down into 4″ magazine. “Close Range” was hoisted in by ship’s crane. Ammunition from the after lighter was brought aboard by lighter’s derrick.

The weather was not very good & grew worse until about noon it was too rough to continue with operations & work was suspended for the day.

The Wolverhampton party postponed their visit until tomorrow.


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