December 6 (Weds) 1944, Fleet Anchorage, Scapa Flow, Orkney

21″ torpedo being hoisted inboard from a whaler after exercise. HMS Derwent Nov 1942. Image copr. IWM A13700

Usual harbour routine, subject to weather conditions and Gunnery Training program, since Saturday. Today, exercised in Flow. Overcast & showery. FRU [Fleet Requirements Unit] Plane unable to assist owing to weather conditions and destroyer detailed for oiling exercise was despatched elsewhere so after passing over D/G range [Degaussing], a couple of “tin fish” [torpedos] were fired for testing purposes. The recovery of these with the aid of the whalers [boats] took some time but no doubt practice will make a difference. During the forenoon, 6″ sub-calibre firing was carried out at a moored target, results being “satisfactory”. Returned to berth A6, FA [Fleet Anchorage].

It was announced over the radio from the BBC that last weekend, HRH Princess Elizabeth had launched the greatest war vessel ever built in the UK [HMS Vanguard].


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