December 14 (Thurs) 1944, Scapa Flow, Orkney

Gale moderated slightly so weighed anchors and proceeded to exercise area and commenced RIX and radar tracking exercise with Zambeji [HMS Zambesi]. A 6″ full calibre shoot was scheduled for this forenoon but had to be postponed as the Battle Practise Target (BPT) was unable to leave harbour owing to the state of the sea & weather. RIX [Range & Inclination Exercise], etc. completed at 1115. By 1230 the gale had shown no signs of moderating. Therefore all gunnery exercises were cancelled and course set for Hoxa Gate [main entrance to Scapa Flow], which was passed at 1345. Secured with 9 shackles on port cable & two on starboard in berth A4. Set anchor watch and maintained steam for immediate notice as boom was only 20 yards astern of the ship.

A Scapa boom being opened by a Boom Defence Vessel.  Image copr. IWM A9953. One net, with floats and weights attached, was 900ft long and weighed 40 tons.

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