December 26 (Tues) 1944, Gibraltar Harbour

The ship has been lying alongside over Christmas. All members of the ship’s company have had ample opportunity to go ashore, and even to the most casual observer watching them return from shore, they evidently had no qualms about sampling the local brew.

Rock of Gibraltar, October 1943. Rosia Harbour (see previous map) just visible on left. Image copr. IWM A19840. Source:

The Rock, small though it is, with its chequered history, has provided some interest for those who did not feel up to sampling said brew. The weather has not been exactly inviting but cleared up for a short while on the afternoon of the 25th. The sun shone from an almost cloudless sky, the sea was blue, & truly the world, or this part of it, seemed at peace. Some of the more energetic & less drink sodden officers climbed to the summit of the Rock.


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