January 6 (Sat) 1945, Alexandria, Egypt

This has been a comparatively quiet week. I say comparatively, as the local dockyard workers have been chipping paint, & the noise in the Gunroom has almost made work impossible at times. Shore workers have been aboard everyday.

The Torpedo officer at the fire control of the torpedo tubes. At Alexandria, 1941. Image copr. IWM A7241.

A usual harbour working up program has been carried out. This interfered with Midshipman instruction in Torpedoes to some extent, but an exam was held on Friday afternoon. No doubt the results will prove most interesting.

Midshipmen have been running the boats again & so far all goes reasonably well. No doubt, the boat officer & Commander have their own opinions on this, but a certain amount of minor damage must be expected while the Mids are learning.

The City of Alexandria has proved much the same as expected, although perhaps there is more of the modern part than I anticipated. Also, prices are rather high, especially for sweets.

Captain Ravenhill 13.1.45


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