January 15 (Mon) 1945, Alexandria, Egypt

Over the weekend, the customary multitude of workmen has been aboard. Some have been working over the side, ie painting and chipping, or rather, the other way round, and others have just been aboard. Splashing red lead on sundry items of gear, to say nothing of bulkheads, stanchions & other things that folk frequently come into contact with, is still a popular pastime, as is evidenced by the state of many suits.

Admiralty House, Alexandria, December 1943. Image copr. IWM A21356

Yesterday afternoon, 6 midshipmen were invited to tea at Admiralty House. A car was placed at their disposal for the afternoon and a visit was paid to the Zoo. This proved even more disappointing than anticipated. The drive itself was, however, an extremely pleasant change. Nobody except the driver knows exactly where we went, but it was somewhere “in the country”. Native labourers were employed “digging” irrigation canals with their bare hands. Our hosts for tea were FOLEM [Flag Officer Levant and Eastern Mediterranen] (V-A [Vice Admiral] Tennant) himself, wife, Flag-Lieut, & 4 WRNS [Women’s Royal Naval Service]. Ping-Pong was played afterwards until about 1830 when we were returned to town.


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