January 20 (Sat) 1945, Alexandria, Egypt

[Thursday pm] A close range weapon shoot was carried out, and after 40 mins the sleeve [target] was shot down. Later, it was picked up with a grapling iron.

After dark, the 6″ with aid of star shell [for illumination], threw three broadsides of full calibre “bricks” at a BPT [Battle Practice Target]. This seemed a waste of time to me as there was no opportunity to do any spotting, radar or otherwise, and anyway, I would sooner save everything up and have a really big shoot, ie a couple of dozen rounds per gun, sometime.

Just after 2000, secured at 5 shackles, starboard anchor, in 9 1/2 fathoms in position 270° Mex High Lt. 14.3 cables.

Director tower of HMS Sheffield with two 6″gun turrets in background. Image copr.IWM A4006
Tug towing out target for shoot, 1940. Image copr.IWM A1035

Yesterday, Friday the 19th Jan, carried out a 6″ full calibre barrage shoot at sleeve target. “A” Turret and director did very well. “B” Turret did not do so well, though this is thought to be partly due to a mechanical error in the receivers. As for “Y” Turret, well, no doubt, they will produce better results when the Blue Director & Radar have been fitted up correctly.

The close range weapons carried out an anti-MTB shoot or summat at a floating box. It was still floating when they had finished.

Returned to harbour & secured to F buoy with two bridles at 4 hours notice for steam at 1342. Embarked water & stores. RAL [Rear Admiral Alexandria] and the Govenor of Alexandria [Abbel Khalek Hassoune] came on board during the afternoon for 2 1/2 hrs.

Today embarked ammunition, stores, fuel oil and water. Rumour has it that HMS Sirius has returned to Greece with FOLEM [Vice Admiral Tennant].


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