January 25 (Thurs) 1945, Alexandria, Egypt

On Tuesday morning left harbour for exercises with Italian destroyer Artigliere, HHM [Hellenic Navy] S/M Pipinos, & HMCS Uganda. A close range shoot at a sleeve target was also carried out. The 4″ shoot did not take place as scheduled because the towing aircraft had some difficulty with the sleeve and eventually had to slip it before the show started. During the day, the weather became worse and by nightfall was sufficiently bad to forbid anchoring in Mex Roads or even entering harbour [map]. At 2000 normal sea routine was commenced, and during the night we just stooged about in company with [HMCS] Uganda. The next day carried out 6″ Barrage & Pom Pom firings at sleeve target. Beaufighters also carried out R/P & MG [machine-gun] attacks on a fog buoy towed astern. After 5 mins, the buoy was reported “missing, presumed sunk”. At 1800, secured to F Buoy, 4 hours notice for steam.

jan-25-1945-alex-hrb-smlEarly this morning slipped from F Buoy and proceeded to sea, co. [course] & sp. [speed] various for exercises. Met HMS Aurora and HHMS [Hellenic Navy] Sactouris. Also HMS Sirius. A 4″ HA [High Angle] Shoot at a sleeve target was completed at about 1000 and was followed by a massed air attack. Sometime after the Spitfires and Baltimores had left, a “glide bombingĀ  attack” was made by more Baltimores. The theory of this is beyond me. During the afternoon, there was a 6″ full calibre shoot at BPT [Battle Practice Target] B Turret had a spot of bother with misfires and generally, things were not so good. Returned to harbour and secured alongside port to El Mahmudiya Wharf [on map], 36 berth, bows north. 12 hrs notice for steam.


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