February 2 (Fri) 1945, Alexandria, Egypt

Loading a new magazine for the Oerlikon, HMS Celandine. Image copr. IWM A10779

Slipped this morning and left harbour for exercises after a week alongside the quay. Hordes of dockyard workers have been aboard, including a boiler cleaning party. The twin power worked Oerlikons [anti-aircraft cannon] forward of the pompoms below the signal deck have been shifted to a position above the hangers and replaced with single mountings. Painting ship has been continued and our appearance has been improved considerably. The Frigate [HMS] “Barle” [originally a USS gunboat] has been secured alongside starboard and for the last few days, the destroyer [HMS] Ledbury outside it. Wednesday we were supposed to leave the quay and secure to buoys but weather conditions were not suitable. Today we left an hour late. 4″ & Close range weapon shoots were carried out at a sleeve target. One of the new oerlikons shot the sleeve down.

Last Friday night, Mrs Barker’s Concert Party put on a show for the ship’s company. It was voted excellent by all who attended. Afterwards, the members of the company were entertained in the Wardroom.

On Wednesday evening, the Gunroom staged a successful dance at the Warrant Officers Club.


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