February 3 (Sat) 1945, Alexandria, Egypt

The domed steel which forms the end of the torpedo air vessel, all parts are extremely strong, 1940. Image copr. IWM D405.

Anchored on the Mex Roads on completion of exercises yesterday. About 2300, the air vessel of a torpedo in the port tubes exploded, causing a fair amount of damage and a few casualties (1 killed, 5 injured). We returned to our old berth alongside 35 quay for repairs this morning, the scheduled 6″shoot being cancelled. A court of enquiry is to be held on Tuesday next.

The news from the war fronts has been very good this week. The Russians are racing towards Berlin, with about 40 miles to go. American patrols have reached Manilla [Philippines]. On the Western Front, the Allied Armies are fighting their way through the Siegfried defenses. The Burma Road has been reopened and President Roosevelt, Marshal Stalin & Premier Churchill are meeting to discuss the future of Europe. On the other hand, it is believed that the Germans are stepping up their U-boat campaign in the Atlantic.

RW Ravenhill, Captain, 8/2/45.


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