February 9 (Fri) 1945, Alexandria, Egypt

Torpedo tubes on a destroyer, 1940. Image copr. IWM A525.

A week alongside with very little of interest happening. The port tubes have been removed and dumped on the dockside, while gangs of workmen are carrying out repairs to the damaged bulkheads. A tilt test for the port 4″ guns & director was carried out on Monday.

As we are likely to be alongside for a week or two yet, various amusements are being arranged for the ship’s company. A party of about 100 left today for the rest camp at Ismailia & further parties are to go later. Something is also being arranged with the RAF at Cairo. A scheme is afoot to send a party to Jerusalem and the Holy Land. The powers-that-be have been good enough to organise trips in MTBs [motor torpedo boats] and ML [motor launches] for the Snotties [Midshipmen], or rather, some of them, and the lucky ones are looking forward to this new & interesting experience.


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