March 8 (Thurs) 1945, Alexandria, Egypt

Last Tuesday morning we left the Quay & proceeded to the berth at F buoy. A tug aided us to carry out director tests soon after securing, & in the afternoon we embarked oil fuel. Next day (yesterday) we slipped at 0845 & left harbour for exercises. An RIX [Range & Inclination Exercise] with [HMS] Nubian was carried out & later in the afternoon, a close range shoot. A sleeve was shot down during this exercise. Sea boats were exercised at recovering life buoys during the Dog Watches [1600-2000]. After dark [HMS] Nubian attacked us with Torpedoes. This was not a very good show apparently, though not as bad as Forecastle’s effort with the sea boat.

Today, carried out a 4″ HA [High Angle] shoot at towed sleeve and later a 6″ fall calibre shoot at a BPT [Battle Practice Target]. There is nothing particular to be said about the HA, but the 6″ was a special exercise to investigate line problems. After calibration salvos from Y Turret, A & B let fly with a broadside & thereafter only one gun per turret was fired each time, six rounds per gun being the average expenditure. The shot did not start off too well but improved considerably as it progressed.

During the afternoon we anchored a couple of miles west of Ras-El-Tin & carried out D/F [Direction finder] tests. A trawler full of experts circled round us till about 1600 when we sent a whaler over to fetch them. Later contact with [HMS] Nubian was also made by whaler. [HMS] Nubian is apparently off somewhere, as before parting, we signalled them “Good Luck”.

Entered harbour and secured alongside Mahmoudieh Quay at 1800, bows south.



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