March 16 (Fri) 1945, Alexandria, Egypt

March 16 1945 shipsYesterday Forenoon we were the target of a massed air attack by seafires. To liven up the party, the planes fired their machine-guns & dropped smoke bombs into the water. A Bombardment Communication exercise followed and then torpedo firing at [HMS] Arethusa. After dark carried out a night encounter exercise with [HMS] Active, our star shell being considerably better than last time. Anchored in Mex Roads last night & today continued with exercises. A close range shoot went off very well, one sleeve being shot down & another damaged. During the afternoon, a 6″ full calibre, reduced charge, blind shoot was carried out successfully. The BPT [Battle Practice Target] was straddled several times & it is believed it may have been damaged. Returned to harbour & secured to F2 & F2A Buoys.

Ships in company include [HMS] Orion (F Buoy), Arethusa, Aurora (AFD5), & Ajax (35 Quay).


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