March 22 (Thurs) 1945, Alexandria, Egypt [Part 2]

IWM A16331 floating crane
Floating crane max. load 100 tons, Algiers, 1943. Image copr. IWM A16331.

Next day, Wednesday, carried out 4 bombardments, all being shore observed with control divided between shore & ship. These were not considered quite as good as Tuesday’s efforts. Night Exercises were carried out with [HMS] Arethusa and [HMS] Orion during passage to Alexandria, Hands being closed up at action stations for the best part of an hour about midnight. Entered harbour & secured to buoys F2 & F2A by 0800, Thursday today. Hands have been employed ammunitioning ship from lighters alongside. As far as 6” is concerned, most work has been done disembarking CPBC [Common Pointed Ballistic Cap] shell & replacing with HEDA [High Explosive Delayed Action]. HMAC [Aircraft Carrier] Colossus entered harbour this afternoon. The floating crane has been alongside working on P2 4” mounting.


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