March 26 (Mon) 1945, Suez Canal Zone [Part 1]

Mar 26 1945 Suez CanalYesterday all leave was cancelled. At dusk we slipped from 32 Buoy and proceeded to sea, in strong NW wind & moderate sea. Course was set for Port Said and we arrived there at about 0630 in pouring rain. The Pilot was picked up & we carried on thru the [Suez] canal. The rain did not last long & today was gloriously warm & clear. Passed El Kantara at half past nine, and Ismailia, well known to some of the crew, just after 1100. At the Southern end of the lake Timisah, we anchored for half and hour to wait for a merchant ship coming the other way. Two Italian Battleships, “Italia” and “Vittorio Veneto”, anchored to the west in the Great Bitter Lake, aroused considerable interest & it is a pity that we did not have time to have a closer look. Carried on thru more canal, Little Bitter Lake, and eventually to Suez, arriving at 1800 and anchoring in the berth Nan 6.


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