March 26 (Mon) 1945, Suez, Suez Canal Zone [Part 2]

IWM TR2619
HMS Howe passing through the Suez Canal, July 1944. Image copr. IWM TR2619

The Suez canal is certainly a great job of work but I do not think as good as the Panama Canal. The view each side is just wastes and the lakes are nothing to look at. It is about time the stretches of actual canal were widened to allow for two lines of shipping. This would no doubt be a very big job but I should say it would be worth while. Motor, and on occasions rail, roads travel parallel & close to the canal both sides and the Railway crosses at Ismailia over a swing bridge. At several places, the banks were piled high with the remains of ships that had been sunk in the canal. The units responsible for keeping the canal clear did a very fine job and traffic was stopped for only 18 days during the whole war period. [June 1940-May 1943]

Ships in company at Suez were mostly allied merchantmen and landing craft.

On the Western Front, further great attacks are being launched in the Battle for the Rhine and it would seem that the Allied Armies will soon be in the Heart of Germany.


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