April 1 (Sun) 1945, Arabian Sea

IWM A26649
A Firefly about to take off from HMS Implacable. Image copr. IWM A26649

Easter Day. The last few days have been very warm indeed. Tropical rig is now the latest fashion. White is the predominant colour but the marines & other sensible folks are wearing khaki short & shirts. On Good Friday an Rix was carried out with [HMS] Implacable and Divine service was held on board. Noon position March 30th, 24°00’N, 36°08’E. On Saturday, the destroyers [HMS Tumult & Terpischore] proceeded independently to Aden for refuelling, & returned this afternoon. B turret carried out a Radar calibration shoot yesterday forenoon. Midday position 31st March, was 17°57’N 39°58.5’E. Today in the afternoon, [HMS] Implacable did some flying off of Seafires & Fireflies. These carried out R/P [Rocket Projectile], M/G [Machine Gun] & Cannon attacks on a fog buoy towed astern of the carrier. Noon position today, 1st April was 12° 27.’0 N, 44° 11.’0 E.


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