April 3 (Tues) 1945, Arabian Sea

IWM A2107
Bread being transferred via a line from HMS Rodney, 1940. Image copr. IWM A2107.

Warm fine weather has continued. The forenoon exercised oiling destroyer with HMS Tumult. It came up on our Starboard side and on the second attempt, a coston gun line was successfully passed. After a small amount of playing about, the spring was secured & the hose taken across by crane. Some of the tricing lines were unfortunately twisted, making things a little more difficult and it was 25 mins from the time of passing the line from the coston gun to the time pumping was started. A hundred-odd pounds of bread were passed over to the destroyer by line. I’m afraid some of the crew imagined it was mail. Later on carried out an RCX, also with HMS Tumult, and this afternoon [HMS} Implacable has been flying off most of its planes at various times.

Yesterday, just before lunch, we passed the battle-cruiser [HMS] Renown, bound, I should say, for Suez & eventually the UK and a refit, after spending a couple of years out East. Noon position, 2nd April, 12° 08’N, 50° 58′ E & today 3rd April, 10° 50’N, 58° 08′ E.


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