April 6 (Fri) 1945, Colombo, Ceylon/Sri Lanka

Yesterday, the only item of interest was an R/P [Rocket Projectile] attack by Fireflies on our wake. I was sitting on the end of the AX [quarterdeck] when this commenced but soon departed for the shelter of Y turret. Noon Position:- 8° 15’N, 72° 05’E.

IWM Colombo
Colombo Harbour, RV Pitchforth, 1945. Image copr. IWM Art.IWM ART LD 5088

Early this morning, we parted company from [HMS] Implacable & the two destroyers, and commenced full power trials, a speed in excess of 30 knots being attained. Land was sighted at 0940 & we anchored outside the [Colombo] harbour entrance for some time. The view from the ship was not attractive, though maybe if it had been a fine day with plenty of sunshine it might have been better. At 1050 the pilot arrived & we proceeded to enter a very crowded-looking, dirty, small harbour. Once inside we had to more or less turn about & secure alongside HMS Ceylon, a “Figi”Class Cruiser, in berth 20, Starboard side to. This was successfully accomplished with the minimum help from a couple of tugs. All ships in the harbour were secured to buoys fore & aft in long lines. The only other HM ships of note were [HMS] Caradoc & Pathfinder but by nightfall, Ships in Company included [HMS] Implacable, Tumult, Terpischore and Chaser.


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