April 28 (Sat), 1945, Sydney, Australia

IWM A28070 Sydney wharf
Sydney wharves, 1945. Image copr. IWM A28070.

We are still alongside Woolloomooloo Quay, astern of [HMS] Montclare. HMS Newcastle left last Sunday midday, bound it is believed for the UK. [HMAS] Shropshire is at Garden Island & [HMAS] Australia at Cockatoo [Island]. Sydney dock yard workers are engaged in a series of strikes at present & little work is being done on the wharves, thus holding up a lot of shipping. Paint ship has continued and patches of Semtex are being relaid.

Yesterday all officers attended a lecture in [HMS] Montclare by the C-in-C BPF [Commander in Chief British Pacific Fleet] & later he [Admiral Sir Bruce Fraser] came aboard & looked round the ship.

RW Ravenhill Captain 3 v 45.

Description of paint work from British and Commonwealth Warship Camouflage of WW II (2015) by Malcolm Wright.

April 1945 paint


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