May 8 (Tues) 1945, Manus, Admiralties/Papua New Guinea [Part 2]

New four watch & two watch routines have been brought into force. These concern only the actual armament crews, as lookouts, Radar, plotting, & bridge personnel are still in 3 watches, and allow for HA/LA [High Angle/Low Angle] Defence in two watches, & a four watch cruising organisation in which about 3/4 of the AA [Anti-Aircraft] Armament is manned.

One of our USN Officers is producing a neat little news-sheet which comes to light about breakfast time each day. It is entitled the “Caribou Bull” & certainly helps us to keep track of things now that newspapers are non-existent and news broadcasts difficult to receive.

AWM Manus PNG 302556
Cruiser in floating dock, Manus, 1944

Seeadler Harbour is a large anchorage bounded by the Island of Manus to the south, and odd small islands & coral reefs the rest of the way round, the area being about 30-40 sq miles. The hills are covered in profuse tropical vegetation & even the smallest islands sport a few palm trees. United States installations include a couple of floating docks, which look capable of dealing with light cruisers, a repair yard for Landing craft and a large seaplane base for Catalinas.


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