August 31 (Fri) 1945, Tokyo Bay, Japan

Yesterday KGV [HMS King George v] & other British & US warships proceeded to Tokyo Bay, leaving only about a dozen ships in Sagami Wan. However, a force of US cruisers arrived last evening & this morning we all proceeded to Tokyo. The weather had deteriorated & visibility was bad.

august-31-1945-tokyo-bay-map.jpgWe had a spot of trouble with the capstan machinery seizing up, & anchor was weighed by manpower. Hands manned the capstan bars & despite pouring rain made a very good job. This delayed us considerably even so, and [HMNZS] Gambia proceeded independently after all the US ships. We caught it up soon after entering the bay and passed ahead as we began steaming through the lines of ships, dropping anchor in berth 61 next HMAS Shropshire just before 1300. A mist reduced visibility considerably but a good deal of shipping of various sorts could be seen. The shore was indistinct with what looked like dockyard & built up area to the west and low hills on the east side. In several places round the entrance to the bay were wrecks of merchant ships, presumably the results of sorties by our carrier-born aircraft and also a battleship hulk at Yokosuka.

Defense measures here include a pom-pom each side manned during daylight hours and a full cruising watch & lookout closed up at night. Sentries are posted from sunset to ‘hands fall in’.


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