October 1 (Mon) 1945, at sea

A ship-wide indoor sports competition is being run at present and it is hoped to present prizes on arrival at Sydney. The Gunroom has not distinguished itself particularly.

4″ VT fuze trials have been carried out and close range weapons will probably be tested when we get to sea again. It has been a pleasant change to pass ships burning full lights at night, and islands with lights twinkling ashore. When off Guam, we met HMS Implacable bound for Manila to transfer Prisoners of War.

IWM A30383 swimming
IWM A 30383 Men of HMS BERWICK enjoying a dip in the Pacific, 1945. © IWM. Original Source: http://www.iwm.org.uk/collections/item/object/205161537

Yesterday evening the ship was stopped while all four shafts were re-engaged, and at 0530 this morning, Manus was sighted. We entered, & after a certain amount of trouble & delay caused by the Stb [starboard] outer shaft refusing to stop, secured alongside oiler [RFA] Eaglesdale. Hands to bathe was piped in the afternoon. This was most welcome, as was the mail received. At 1700 we slipped from the oiler & proceeded to sea, Sydney bound.


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