October 6 (Sat) 1945, at sea

IWM A 8645 Midshipmen
Midshipmen ‘shooting the sun’ as part of Navigation lessons, 1942. Image copr. IWM A8645

Midshipmen’s Navigation & Seamanship exams were held during the week. All duly passed and now we only have to convince the board of our intelligence & desirability for the good of the service, and all will be well. This trial is expected to take place about the middle of the week.  Tomorrow we shift into blues & arrive at Sydney. It is to be hoped that the weather will give us a warmer welcome than last time.

A matter concerning our minds considerably at the moment is the question of leave. What with courses due next year & destroyer service in the meantime, it is doubtful whether we New Zealanders will be this close to home again for at least a couple of years & it is to be hoped that the powers-that-be will see their way clear to letting us make a quick trip across the Tasman.


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