March 22 (Thurs) 1945, Alexandria, Egypt [Part 2]

IWM A16331 floating crane
Floating crane max. load 100 tons, Algiers, 1943. Image copr. IWM A16331.

Next day, Wednesday, carried out 4 bombardments, all being shore observed with control divided between shore & ship. These were not considered quite as good as Tuesday’s efforts. Night Exercises were carried out with [HMS] Arethusa and [HMS] Orion during passage to Alexandria, Hands being closed up at action stations for the best part of an hour about midnight. Entered harbour & secured to buoys F2 & F2A by 0800, Thursday today. Hands have been employed ammunitioning ship from lighters alongside. As far as 6” is concerned, most work has been done disembarking CPBC [Common Pointed Ballistic Cap] shell & replacing with HEDA [High Explosive Delayed Action]. HMAC [Aircraft Carrier] Colossus entered harbour this afternoon. The floating crane has been alongside working on P2 4” mounting.


March 14 (Weds) 1945, Alexandria, Egypt

Began today’s exercises with a rather good close range shoot at towed sleeve, followed by a 6″ sub calibre blind at a Patt 6 [possibly related to an anti-submarine sonar device] target . The first run of the latter was poor, but succeeding runs were better, the improvement for line being very good. Spotting for range was not so easy as good echoes could not be obtained from splashes of sub-calibre. A very good 4″ HA [High Angle] shoot was carried out during the afternoon, the sleeve being shot down in the second run. Later took part in an RIX with [HMS] Orion, en route to Alex. Anchored in Mex Roads at 1730.