August 29 (Weds) 1945, Sagami Wan, Japan

August 31 1945 IWM A30357
HMNZS Gambia, HMS KGV & HMS Newfoundland in Sagami Wan from deck of HMS Duke of York. Image copr. IWM A30357

Yesterday US Air Forces began taking over the airfields ashore. Transport aircraft have been crossing overhead all day. Anti-sabotage boat patrols are being maintained during the hours of darkness & double sentries armed with rifles & lanchesters posted around the ship.

Today [USS] Missouri moved into Tokyo Bay. Other units will proceed as berthing areas are check swept by our minesweepers. Admiral Nimitz has arrived by seaplane, and General McArthur is reported to be at Okinawa. Paint ship is just about completed, the hands having been busy on the hull since Monday. Upperworks are light grey & the other dark.

August 29 1945 Malcolm Wright


April 12 (Thur) 1945, Cocos Islands

IWm SE4162 Cocos
Airstrip on Brown’s West Island, Cocos Islands. Image copr. IWM SE4162

Assumed Defense watches at daylight this morning and maintained Air defence all day, though anchored. North Keeling was sighted at 0730 and we let go port anchor at about 1000. This fouled and we shifted berth & tried again, finally securing in about 61/2 fathoms. The water was blue & very clear, & the white coral bottom and various fishes could be plainly seen. East, South & West of us were typical low-lying, South Sea, coral islands, complete with palm trees & golden sands. Just before arriving, we ran into a rain squall, but the rest of the day was beautifully fine. It seemed rather hard that swimming was not allowed. Two of our senior officers went fishing in one of the Motor Boats & returned after several hours with a fair haul of some queer looking objects.

During the day, various shore personnel came on board and we discharged stores & fuel to a barge, an HDML[Harbour Defence Motor Launch], and a BYMS[British Yard Motor Minesweeper]. After tea, weighed Anchor and left for Fremantle.