December 23 (Sat) 1944, Gibraltar Harbour

december-23-1944-mapSecured alongside Berth 38, Gibraltar Harbour, about 1030 this morning. The weather during passage from Greenock was generally good. Fog, in patches, was met with on Thursday morning and a certain amount of alarm was caused a short while later by the approach of an unidentified plane. This fortunately turned out to be a Halifax of RAF Coastal Command. Ships met included escort vessel [HMS] “Hydrangea” [corvette] on Thursday afternoon and [HMS] “Berwick” early next morning. “Action stations” was exercised on Friday morning.

Gibraltar Harbour, on the west of the town, with Berth 38 (centre)

On arrival in the Bay, we had to hang round for a while before berthing. Shore activity seemed practically nil as far as tugs were concerned anyway, so the Captain began to take the ship in &¬†alongside. This entailed pointing ship at the southern end of the harbour. When we were finally secured, it was found that the ship would have to be wound [turning a ship end for end at a pier]. This took just over an hour, & on completion, ship’s head was pointing south.